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Why Freedom? En avril 2011, il a été arrêté et détenu pendant 5 jours pour avoir lancé une pétition prévoyant la révision de ce texte législatif et est arbitrairement détenu depuis. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk a été condamné pour avoir permis, en tant que rédacteur en chef, la publication de deux articles satiriques jugés « insultants pour la monarchie ». Il purge une peine de 11 ans de prison dans le centre de détention de Bangkok pour crime de lèse majesté et diffamation.


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Welcome to the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, red-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — each one an authentic treasure. Explore museums and meetinghouses, churches, and burying grounds. Learn about the brave people who shaped our nation. Discover the rich history of the American Revolution, as it began in Boston, where every step tells a story.

Nevertheless, the mobile game developers also need money. So, once they offer their product free of charge, they still play games a trick. The usual option of free games available is a possibility to exchange your real money for the inner game currency. Obviously, it's fair that developers use such a democratic opportunity to earn money for their great product. Nevertheless, such an option makes gamers unequal. Let's see: if you are not ready to spend real funds, you lose. Because those people who pay in gold, regardless of time and energy, can use their money to get more benefits. Unfair, isn't it? Moreover, some developers indulge this option inside the game and put items available only for special current, which can be got for real bucks only.

Le 15 juillet 2015, la cour nationale de Quito, qui examinait l'appel de Javier Ramirez contre la condamnation à douze mois de prison (deux mois supplémentaires à la peine initialement prononcée à l'encontre de Javier Ramirez avaient été requis, invoquant la circonstance aggravante d'insulte à des fonctionnaires de l'ENAMI) rendue en avril 2015 par la cour d'appel Imbabura, s'est prononcée en faveur de Javier Ramirez.

Content related to political opposition was subject to censorship in 26 countries, an increase from 23 in 2015. A court in Kazakhstan ordered an opposition-affiliated magazine to shutter its Facebook page along with its print edition in October 2015. In Bahrain, prosecutors questioned Sheikh Ali Salman, leader of the country's largest political organization, for allegedly tweeting about democracy, even though he was already imprisoned; police are now investigating who continues to operate the account.

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